The busy semester is soon coming to an end. It’s my pleasure to work with everyone at Glossika during these months. I learned a lot from not only translation work, but also editing sound files in different languages with other interns. Immense gratitude goes out to Sheena, who carefully edited translations and gave us the opportunity to review each other’s works.

While working on translation, as the underlying meaning became progressively clearer, I was able to see the subtle yet inevitable differences between words and then make appropriate word choices. It was also interesting to translate Michael’s articles, from which I learned (and reviewed) many important linguistic concepts and got to know a lot of tips for language learning. I’d also like to thank Glossika for providing us with learning materials and resources. Language learning is really all about perseverance though I sometimes give up halfway. I still find myself internalizing some of the usages from the learning materials. While actually communicating with native speakers, some of those sentences just pop up in my mind, which is amazing!

As for sound files editing, though it’s not what I’m familiar with and I was always worrying about not being able to detect the noises, I still always got a sense of achievement from it. For example, when I successfully removed some strange sounds or realized the similarities between the target language (especially Indo-European languages) and what I’ve learned -- these were definitely some proud moments.

It may be because I’m a foreign language major and also very interested in learning different languages, this internship isn’t just a “job,” but more like a part of my everyday life. This kind of opportunity is hard to come by, and I’m grateful for everyone’s help and support along the way!


As the days get hotter and this semester coming to an end, my Glossika internship is ending as well. This takes me back to the winter vacation a few months ago. Many of my friends were getting part-time jobs and internships at the time, so I started looking for an internship in a rush. That’s when I set foot in Glossika’s door. Because my major and coursework are related to translation, and that I have a great interest in translation, I thought I fit the position of content writing intern.

After I started working at Glossika, I discovered that I really like the working environment and found my job challenging yet motivating at the same time. Although Glossika’s office is small, it accommodates the staff team quite well, including formal employees and the interns. Having everyone work closely together in the same area was very cozy to me.

My main job description is to translate Glossika’s English articles into Chinese. This job may seem easy at first glance, yet it involves intricate work. For one thing, I had to be careful with my wording and make sure its register is suitable for the target audience; on the other hand, after I finished translating the entire article, it’s reviewed and revised by other interns -- I had to learn to accept and respect other’s opinions and decide on whose wording may be the best. After the article was fully revised, I learned to write in Markdown format, which is the markup language being used by Glossika blog. Throughout the translation process, I really learned a lot and it has been personally fulfilling for me.

During the process of translating an article, I also learned interesting knowledge related to languages, since the articles are mainly about language learning. In some articles, there are even languages that I’ve never seen. Learning new things while translating was also very exciting for me!

One of the greatest benefits of Glossika Internship is access to learning any language one desires. After listening to a huge amount of sentences via the audio files, I found that I became more familiar to the language (I was learning) as well as its grammar usage and sentence structure.

I will miss everything about Glossika.