Learn How to Read Russian With the Russian Alphabet Game

If you've ever felt intimidated by the Russian alphabet before, you'll be glad to know that there's now a fast and easy way for you to learn how to read Russian within as little as an hour! As a Slavic language with a completely different alphabet and writing system compared to languages like English, it's no wonder many Russian learners have a hard time knowing where to start. Not to mention learning the grammar on top of a completely different alphabet system could potentially create a lot of confusion and makes learning very slow. Russian can be much easier for you once you can read all the letters fluently, and this is what Glossika delivers to you in just an hour with the new Russian Alphabet Game.

The founder of Glossika spent many painstaking years to learn and master the Russian language. He then assembled several Slavic experts who have all gone through similar difficulties and understand what leads to failure and what works. Together, these experts have come up with a great solution to overcome your frustrations and take your Russian language learning to the next level. By building a solid foundation for the fundamentals of Russian through familiarizing yourself with the alphabet, you are able to equip and prepare yourself for learning more advanced aspects of the language such as grammar, pronunciation, and conversation.

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So Does It Actually Work?

With this being the very first alphabet game in our series of language games, we wanted to make sure we got it right. We asked several people who have never had any prior experience with Russian to test out our Russian Alphabet Game in advance in order to gauge its effectiveness. Sure enough, everyone who played the game for as little as an hour came away being able to read Russian as if they had been learning it for years.

Here are some comments from those who had the chance to give the Russian Alphabet Game a spin before its release. They all shared similar sentiments in that they felt like learning Russian became so much more attainable than they had previously thought. Some of our testers had actually been wanting to learn Russian but just never got around to it while others had never even considered it. Whatever the case may be, they were all able to learn how to read Russian equally quickly and effectively after playing the Russian Alphabet Game.


  • “Glossika asked me to test run their new learning tool. Even though I’m not even interested in learning Russian, it took me a little over an hour. It was absolutely crazy, I could read anything written in Russian out loud. My brain felt like it was buzzing with a high, I can’t explain it.” -- John

  • “That was the fastest and easiest way I’ve ever learned a foreign alphabet. I can’t wait for Glossika to release more of these, especially Japanese.” -- Martin

  • “Not only did this bring me back to where I was before, the explanation of some letters were clearer than anything I've seen before. It's the best thing I've seen for learning an alphabet. Simple but great and effective concept.” -- Rhoi

I learned how to read the Russian alphabet in an hour

You too, can start reading and diving into all sorts of Russian texts right away! Instead of starting out your Russian language journey without being able to read a single word, acquire the ability to read fluently first and the rest will come to you so much more naturally and intuitively. This is part of the reason why Romance languages such as Spanish and Italian that use the same Latin alphabet system English uses are much more straightforward to learn in comparison to languages that use a completely different writing system. While this is definitely true, once you have fully grasped how the Russian alphabet works, you will no longer have this problem.

For a breakdown of every letter of the Russian alphabet with corresponding IPA and romanized pronunciations, refer to the infographic below. Our Learner's Guide to the Russian Alphabet teaches you how to read our romanized transcriptions so that you can pronounce Russian words as accurately as possible. There are a total of 33 letters in the Russian alphabet: 10 vowels, 21 consonants, and two "symbols" that have no designated sound. You'll notice that the chart below is broken down into three sections for vowels, consonants, and symbols. Along with IPA and romanized pronunciations, we also include examples of how each letter would sound like in reference to English words.

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From Letters to Sound Patterns

What happens when you can’t read the letters in a new word? Your chances of giving up are pretty high. And statistics show, this happens to most people who start learning Russian. Don’t fall into this trap! By properly associating each letter with a specific pronunciation or sound and practicing it via consistent repetition with the Russian Alphabet Game, you will be able to fully internalize each letter of the Russian alphabet before moving onto more advanced elements such as grammar and conversation.

Even if you know all the letters, you may find that you’re still not able to read words as quickly as you can Roman letters. Now you can save dozens of hours of practice with the Glossika Russian Alphabet game. What would normally take days if not weeks to achieve has now been made attainable within an hour! Why waste time on traditional methods when you can use a proven, science-backed method that can get you on the fast-track to Russian fluency?


To acquire Russian effectively, you need to transfer the text to sound as quickly as possible, so if you’re still stuck trying to figure out how to read the Cyrillic alphabet, your brain will not be able to pick up on the sound patterns. Sounds need to flow in order to pick up on the patterns! The Russian Alphabet Game trains you to read the alphabet directly so that you won't run into that problem.

Once you’re finished, you’ll know all the letters and be able to read any Russian word. But that doesn’t mean you won’t forget them! Make sure you remember what you’ve learned and get started reading as much as you can right away. It’s great to know that if you ever get stuck on Russian again, you can come back and use the Russian Alphabet Game and get back up to speed within minutes.

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How to Play the Russian Alphabet Game

As you enter the game, you'll notice that there are 30 levels for each stage. If you're a complete beginner to the language, I would strongly recommend starting out with the stage for Print Letters as that is how what Russians tend to use in most texts. After you have a pretty good grasp of how to read print letters, you can try tackling the Italic Letters and Typing stages.

Now let's get started on the first level of Print Letters. When you click into the level, you'll notice that a pop-up explaining the rules for that particular level. These rules pertain to letters of the Russian alphabet that will be used for to complete the level. Each letter has a corresponding Roman letter or letter combination. Use these rules and letter associations to write out each Russian word via romanization.


Once you complete the first level, you will be taken to the next level which yet again introduces a set of rules that you will need to use for the level. This process repeats itself until you've gone through every single letter in the Russian alphabet. By encouraging you to constantly practice and apply what you've learned, the Russian Alphabet Game helps you solidify your newly acquired skills into your long-term memory.

Whenever you get a word wrong, you will be reminded about the rules for the level you are currently on. If the mistake was made because of a rule from a previous level, you can always go back and refresh your memory. Even if you don't have enough time to finish all the levels in one sitting, we save your progress for you so you can come back and pick up where you left off whenever you want!

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Some Great Features of the Russian Alphabet Game:

Now that you have a good idea of how the Russian Alphabet Game works and the advantages of playing it, go ahead and learn how to read Russian right now! Below, we've put together a summarized list of some great features offered by the Russian Alphabet Game.

  • Learn the print letters.
  • Learn the italic letters (many letters look different!)
  • Learn how to type on a desktop keyboard -- this helps build a spatial memory of the alphabet and consolidates your knowledge.
  • Massive word bank allows for a unique experience each time!
  • Don’t have enough time to finish all the levels? Glossika keeps track of all your learning progress in your personal account. Come back and finish later!

Tired of monotonous alphabet videos with the same old narration and wishing that you could have done something while watching them? Well, now you can.

With Glossika's Russian Alphabet Game, learning Russian has never been easier.

Sign up today. Stay tuned for even more language releases from Glossika! Learning How to Read Russian Within An Hour