The Armenian and Georgian Alphabet: How to Learn in a Fast and Effective Way

While Armenian does have a completely different writing system with its own unique set of rules, we'll show you how to learn the language and alphabet in a fast and easy way. By the time you've taken all our recommended steps, you'll be surprised at how much progress you can make in such a short period of time! As with most languages that use alphabets and writing systems that are completely foreign to you, the first step to learning Armenian is to familiarize yourself with its unique alphabet. That's where our Armenian Alphabet Game comes in to show you just how fast and simple it can be to learn to read Armenian fluently.

You'll notice that each level starts off with a rule which you'll have to apply for every word that appears throughout the level. With thousands of words for you to practice with, you'll have a unique experience every time you play. This makes our Armenian Alphabet Game perfect for you to play through multiple times until you truly master the Armenian writing system and are able to read any word flawlessly with ease. Once you know the Armenian alphabet like the back of your hand, you can go straight into learning essential words and phrases. Later in this article, you'll have the chance to learn some of these travel or survival phrases as we like to call them to put into practice right away.

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Overview of the Armenian Language

The Armenian language is known as one of the oldest languages in the world. To this day, there are still a number of prominent Armenian communities spread all over the world. This resulted in the formation of several different dialects, namely Eastern and Western Armenian. Eastern Armenian is currently the official dialect of the Armenia with approximately 4.3 million speakers worldwide so as you can guess, you'll be learning how to read Eastern Armenian. The Armenian language forms a separate branch of the Indo-European language family. The unique position Armenian holds is due to the fact that it is related to both the Western branches of the Indo-European tree as well as the Eastern branches.

Current State of the Armenian Language

For Armenians living in various countries, it is actually not uncommon for their mother tongue to be the language of their country of residency and not Armenian. As such, there has been a big push within the collective Armenian community for latter generation Armenians to reconnect with their roots. For these Armenians who have taken it upon themselves to learn the language of their ancestors, they have acquired far more than just a language. Not only could they speak Armenian fluently, they experienced a unique sense of enlightenment with respect to Armenian history, culture, and identity. Armenians who had learned the Armenian language felt much more in touch and unified with the community to which they belonged. Instead of feeling ashamed of their roots, people who reclaimed the Armenian language felt inclined, even compelled to actively engage in and be part of their community. Even if you're not of Armenian descent, to be a part of the preservation and carrying on of a language is an invaluable experience that could never be replaced.

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Essential Armenian Phrases

Now that you have a good understanding of the Armenian language and its background, let's get you started with some survival phrases that you can use if you ever find yourself traveling to Armenia. Below, we've compiled a list to help you get on the fast track to learning how to hold conversations in Armenian! For brevity's sake, I've only included the formal versions of each phrase. Although you can probably get away with using the informal forms in some cases, you should start off learning the formal forms as they are much more respectful.

English Armenian Romanization
Hello ԲարևՁեզ Barevdzez
Goodbye Ց'տեսություն Ts'tesutyun
How are you? Ինչպե՞ս եք Inchpes yek
What's your name? Ինչպե՞ս ձեզ դիմել Inchpes dzez dimel?
My name is _____ Անունս _____ է Anuns _____ e
Nice to meet you Շատ հաճելի է Shat hacheli e
Where are you from? Որտեղի՞ց եք Vorteghits yek?
Good morning Բարի' լույս Bari lus
Good night Բարի' գիշեր Bari gisher
Have a nice day հաճելի օր Hacheli or
I don't understand Չեմ հասկանում Chem haskanum
I don't know Ես չգիտեմ Yes chgitem
Sorry/Excuse me Ներողությո'ւն Neroghuto'wn
Please Խնդրեմ Khndrem
Thank you մերսի Mersi

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The Armenian Alphabet Game

The Armenian alphabet has a total of 38 letters and was first established in the 5th century by St. Mesrop Mashtots. Originally, Armenian characters were derived from the Greek alphabet as well as Pahlavi script of ancient Persia. Don't be intimidated by how different the characters look! Once you've played the Armenian Alphabet Game for as little as an hour, you'll know everything there is to know about reading Armenian words and characters fluently. With this tool, you now have a fast and easy way on how to learn the Armenian alphabet. You'll even get a complimentary Armenian fluency trial course when you finish the game! Once you get started on the trial course, you'll be able to add dozens of essential phrases and sentences into your arsenal so you can use them at will.


Overview of the Georgian Alphabet

The origin of the Georgian alphabet is a topic of controversy among scholars simply due to its lack of clear documentation. The most widely accepted theory is that King Parnavaz, the first king of the kingdom of Kartli(Iberia), developed the Georgian alphabet in the 3rd century. Interestingly, another group of historians believe St. Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet, to have also created the Georgian alphabet.

Originally, the Georgian alphabet was created from three different writing systems consisting of Asomtavruli, Nuskhuri, and Mkhedruli. Over time, the former two writing systems declined in use and Mkhedruli became the primary script for the Georgian alphabet.

Along with Armenian, Georgian is one of the oldest languages in the world and is also considered to be quite difficult to learn. Similarly, the Georgian language has persisted to this day and is still being spoken by over four million people worldwide. While Georgian uses a completely different writing system from English, our Georgian Alphabet Game will make learning Georgian fun and easy, so you don't have to go through the struggle of learning a challenging new language. By transcribing Georgian characters in sounds that you are already familiar with, you can internalize them into your memory much more effectively. Once you've grasped the basics of the Georgian language, you will have a much easier time using what you've learned in regular conversation.

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Reasons to Travel to Georgia

For all you adventurers out there looking for a new travel destination, you definitely won't regret paying Georgia a visit.

  • Georgia is a country with diverse natural scenery from snowy mountains to the beaches of the Black Sea. To top it off, Georgia enjoys great weather that is absolutely perfect for these beautiful landscapes. Whether it be traversing the prodigious Caucasus mountains, soaking in the sun at the beach, or taking a ski trip during wintertime, Georgia is excellent for all occasions.
  • Unlike some countries that might be colder towards foreigners or tourists, the people of Georgia are extremely friendly and welcoming to travelers of all ethnicities and backgrounds. If you ever have the chance to visit a Georgian home, you'll feel the warmth of their care and hospitality firsthand.
  • Georgian food is delicious, rich, and incredibly diverse! The meals are also inexpensive and very budget-friendly. In the city, it's not uncommon at all to find streets filled with restaurants with all kinds of local Georgian cuisine.
  • Despite having received quite a bit of foreign influence throughout history, the people of Georgia have endeavored to preserve their own unique identity and culture. As Georgian traditions have remained largely unscathed by foreign occupation, you'll surely appreciate the country's abundant beauty and culture during your stay.

Places to Go in Georgia

Explore the beauty of Georgia in full with these magnificent landmarks ranging from natural destinations with scenery like you've never seen before to tourist hotspots where you can experience the country's rich culture.

  • Mestia, the regional capital of Upper Svaneti, rests in the Caucasus Mountains at an elevation of 1,500 meters. This hamlet is brimming with remnants of history and unique architecture. Mount Ushba is the main attraction here and is truly a beautiful sight to behold. You can take the cable car to the very top and witness the view for yourself! Svan towers, a type of stone tower, along with fortresses used for defensive purposes are also a common tourist attraction.
  • ![mountain georgian scenery in mestia](
  • Stepantsminda, formerly but still commonly known as Kazbegi, is a mountain town located just 10 km south of the border of Russia on the Georgian Military Highway. If you're itching for a challenge, consider climbing Mount Kazbek which even has a potentially active volcano! Other must-do activities in Stepantsminda include rafting in the Snotskali River, paragliding, kayaking in the Tergi River, and visiting numerous waterfalls and mineral water springs.
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  • Kutaisi is the largest city in Georgia second to Tbilisi and is filled with attractions of all types including many different historical, architectural, and natural sights. If you're not the type to get excited about mountain ranges and hiking, Kutaisi is the place for you. The Prometheus and Sataplia Caves boast natural formations of breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, petrified waterfalls, and underground lakes. The Okatse Canyon and Kinchkha Waterfall are both located along the Okatse River so definitely check them both out while you're there. With several famous cathedrals, monasteries, parks, and museums, you can appreciate Georgia's culture in these Kutaisi landmarks.
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  • Tbilisi, the largest city in Georgia, is home to so many sights and attractions that you might not even be able to get to all of them during your stay! For starters, Tbilisi has more museums than any other city in Georgia, making it the perfect place to learn about Georgian history and culture. Immerse yourself further in Georgian culture by appreciating Tbilisi's religious architecture and art galleries. Mtatsminda, a hill from which you can get a bird's eye view of Tbilisi, has a fun theme park with all kinds of rides and entertainments. If you love nature, you won't want to miss a walk in the Botanical Garden, with over 3,500 species of plants. The Sulfur Baths and Royal Baths, located in the bath district of Abanotubani, offer a relaxing and unique experience for a perfect way to wrap up your trip!
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So what are you waiting for? Embark on the journey of a lifetime by learning how to read Georgian fluently in as little as an hour with our Georgian Alphabet Game!