Team Glossika is proud to bring you the latest feature for your daily training!

Download offline sessions on your devices, so when you plan on staying offline, your language training stays on track. This feature is available with every paid subscription. You can download one session per language, each up to twice per day.

Activate your download in Settings. Upon your confirmation, your file will be inboxed to you within 10 minutes. In addition, you have the option of choosing to re-do the same session again the next time you login, or skip right to feedback before you start the next training session. Remember to submit your feedback for offline sessions that you downloaded to adjust your learning progress!

Offline session download took great consideration into making, and our developers, who helped to bring this awesome feature to life, shared their work experience from a technical standpoint.

Q: “How does Offline Download work?”

We can break it down into 5 simple steps

  1. Press Download Button.
  2. Queue System receives request and awaits to process.
  3. Calling GSR algorithm API to get users’ reps.
  4. Link together and re-code audio files for the requested session.
  5. Upload complete files to users via email.

Q: “What are some challenges that you encountered during development?”

  1. Audio files come in mono and stereo tracks. During the process of combining them together, the files might not be properly played.
  2. Re-coding may require a great amount of computational resources.
  3. Downloading audio files is time-consuming.

Q: “And your solutions for each of these challenges?”

  1. Audio files are re-coded to ensure best sound quality.
  2. Queue System is used to manage service time. During periods of heavy workload and requests, load balance is automated to decrease wait time.
  3. Cache enable users to access data (temporary files) without requiring additional time to upload identical files (those with exact same settings for the same language).

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Until next time, we wish you great progress!